BMW M5 F10 Widebody Tuning

Bodykit conversion with PD5XX Widebody Aerodynamic Kit for all BMW 5-Series F10 models

PDM5XX complete Widebody Kit conversion + full wrap with PWF Matt Skylight Blue.

PDM5XX Widebody Kit is suitable for all BMW 5-Series F10 models incl. BMW 550i & M5.

We make attention that in our widebody kit’s the wheel arches and possibly the front fenders must be cut! Please note that the presented Widebody Aerodynamic Kit is also available in a non-widebody PD55X version.

PD55X Widebody Aerodynamic Kit for BMW 5-Series F10 includes:

  • PD55X Front Bumper for BMW 5-Series F10
  • PD55X Front Spoiler Lip for PD55X Front Bumper
  • PD55X Widebody Front & Rear Widenings for BMW 5-Series F10
  • PD55X Front Fenders for BMW 5-Series F10
  • PD55X Side Skirts for BMW 5-Series F10
  • PD55X Side Skirt Lip for PD55X Side Skirts
  • PD55X Rear Bumper for BMW 5-Series F10
  • PD55X 3-pcs. Rear Apron (Diffusor) for PD55X Rear Bumper
  • PD55X Rear Trunk Spoiler for BMW 5-Series F10

Widebody Kit for BMW F10

artFORM AF-401 Wheels

Directional / twisted in driving direction in 10 x 21 "+ 11.5 x 21"

Custom-made artFORM AF-401 alloy wheels in 10×21″ + 11,5×21″ suitable for BMW M5 F10 models. Tires – Front Axle: 265/30/21 + Rear Axle: 295/25/21 Continental SportContact 6.

Akrapovic Evolution

On request we offer you Akrapovic Evolution Titan Flap Exhaust System suitable for BMW F10 models incl. BMW M5  as well as a complete body kit conversion in our work shop.

Please feel free to contact us!