Audi RS Q8 Widebody Tuning

PDQ8XL Widebody Aerodynamic Kit for all Audi Q8 models

The PDQ8XL Widebody Aerodynamic Kit is suitable for all Audi Q8 models included:  Q8 55 TFSI, Q8 45 TDI & Q8 50 TDI.

Please note that the PDQ8XL Widebody Kit is also available in a PDQ8XS Widebody Version.

Our product is made from the fiberglass mix of highest quality, certified by TÜV Rheinland. This material is characterized by a smooth, stylish, high-end surface finish that provides sufficient flexibility combined with a decent stability. Therefore it doesn’t require more than few touches of waterpaper before being painted in preferred colour.  All of  the body kit’s parts are made with a superb fitment without the need for getting prior modifications or alterations. It undoubtedly minimizes the costs of potential reconstruction. The body kit installation should be conducted only in proven and reliable workshops or by experts with fiberglass work history background.

Full PDQ8XL Widebody Aerodynamic Kit for Audi Q8 consists of:

  • PDQ8XLWB Front Lip Spoiler for Audi Q8
  • PDQ8XLWB Widebody Front Fenders for Audi Q8
  • PDQ8XLWB Widebody Rear Widenings for Audi Q8
  • PDQ8XL/PDQ8XS Rear Diffuser for Audi Q8
  • PDQ8XL Tailgate Spoiler for Audi Q8
  • PDQ8XL Roof Spoiler for Audi Q8

XL Widebody Kit for Audi Q8