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X-Pipe systems

X-Pipe System features an innovative design to achieve treble resonance for an enhanced exhaust sound quality. Original Y-Pipe exhaust designs of some cars have inherent problems with exhaust pulse hesitation, that result in the loss of horsepower. Our X-Pipe improves on this phenomenon and allows exhaust gases to pass quickly from the double tail pipes.



Dual Tips

Triple Tips

Quad Tips

Exhaust Valvetronic

The Valvetronic system is a variable valve system which allow exhaust branched into two paths. This technology has been used on Ferrari / Lamborghini supercars for more than 10 years. FI is now are offering this technology in all our product lines.

How does it work:

The negative pressure generated in the intake manifold of the engine board are utilized with vacuum valves and remote control module to open and close the valves as desired. Control Module is included with all our systems, simply control by remote to set automatic, open and close modes

Catalytic Converters

To attain optimal performance and distinctive sound performance for your Fi Exhaust system, we now offer a catalytic simulator - The catalytic simulator is here to replace the stock catalytic converters. The result of the catalytic simulator will allow for extremely smooth exhaust flow and enhanced horsepower performance coupled with a distinctive high-pitched sound, inducing the exhaust system to reach the pinnacle of performance. Our solution is to incorporate metallic catalytic converters, which will enhance both torque and highend performance. Our metallic converters come in two models, the "Competitive-Type 100 CPSI" and "Sports-Type 200 CPSI".


100 cells


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